Tropical Body Polish

(Both Sugar and Salt polishes are available. You can choose from our wide variety of polishes once you arrive) We start off by exfoliating your body all over in one of our tropical retreat rooms. We then apply the scrub all over to smooth, cleanse and exfoliate the skin washing away all dry and dead skin cells. Next each limb is wrapped, and you are covered with a heavy blanket to seal in the warmth. (This will allow the pores to open and the vitamins and minerals from the scrub to sink in leaving your skin soft, smooth and radiant). Next the scrub is removed with several hot towels. Finally, you are coated with our beach house massage cream to seal moisture into the skin.

90 Minute Tropical Body Polish Price: $195.00
120 Minute Tropical Body Polish Price: $225.00 (includes 30-minute sauna session prior to body polish)