Combination Packages

A Day At The Beach

Enjoy a day at the beach! Enjoy a relaxing spa day in one of our tropical treatment rooms. Start with a relaxing 90 min tropical body polish to remove all your dead skin cells and soften the skin. Then you will receive a 60-minute aromatherapy massage with pressure adjusted to your preference to ensure the stress melts away. Finally, you will finish with our 60-minute Beach House Signature facial to reveal your glowing healthy skin.

$435.00 (3.5 Hours)

A Sunny Day in The Keys

Start off with a 30 Minute sauna session to open the pores and warm up the muscles. Next you will enjoy a 90 Minute tropical body polish followed by a 90 Minute heated stone massage with aromatherapy to leave your muscles feeling relaxed and free of aches and pains. You will also enjoy warm paraffin on your hands and feet to ensure that you stay warm and cozy while you relax.

$425.00 (3.5 Hours)

A Walk On The Beach

You will start with a relaxing 60-minute aromatherapy massage followed by our 60-minute Beach House signature facial.

$260.00 (2 Hours)

Sand Between My Toes

Enjoy a relaxing 60-minute aromatherapy massage with a tropical back exfoliation as well as a relaxing cooling tea tree oil 5 step foot peel.

$215.00 (1 Hour)

An Island Escape

This will be one escape you won’t soon forget. Start off with a 30-minute infrared sauna warm up session then Enjoy a 90-minute tropical body polish to awaken the skin and reveal its natural glow. Then follow it with a 90-minute warm jade stone massage with aromatherapy to be both invigorating and relaxing. Take a break to enjoy lunch on us. Finally, you will enjoy a 90-minute aquamarine facial. You will leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenatedPrice

$615.00 (5.5 Hours)

Island Breeze Foot Pampering

A relaxing treat for your feet. You will enjoy a 60 Minute Massage with aromatherapy focusing on your feet and calves. You will then receive our Signature Five Step Tea Tree Oil Cooling Foot Treatment. You will finish with our Warm Parrafin on your Feet to leave your feet smooth and soft. This is one day your feet will say thank you.

1 Hour $195.00

Take Me to the Islands Scalp Therapy

An invigorating blend of aromatherapy is applied to the scalp and massaged into the scalp with warm oil. Your scalp neck and shoulders are massages at your specified pressure to relieve tension and melt away stress. To provide ultimate relaxation your therapist concludes the session with relaxing neck stretches with the use of a heated towel. You will leave in a state of euphoria.

1 Hour $145

Under The Papaya Tree

Sometimes you just want to lay in the shade and we have you covered. A 90 Minute Massage with Aromatherapy will leave you ready for a tropical vacation. But you are not finished. Our Papaya Warm Salt Back Cleanse will renew your back and wash away any excess oil or inpurities that may be trapped within the pores on your back. You will leave feeling as if you have just come from the islands.

1.5 hours $215

Retreat to the Sandbar

If you need to get away than this one is for you. You will start off with 30 Minutes in our Infrared Sauna. Once you heated up and the pores are open our therapist will apply a Warm Salt Tropical Body polish all over your body. They will gently scrub your skin until all dead skin has been washed away, revealing new glowing skin from underneath. Next they will apply a warm coconut moisturizer to add some vitamins and minerals back into the skin and leave you feeling soft and moisturized. You are not finished yet. You will then receive our Beach House Signature facial that will be customized to your skin care needs. You will leave glowing and looking like you just arrived from vacation.

2.5 Hours $325.00

Mother of Pearl Prenatal Pampering

Start off with a 60 Minute Prenatal Massage with aromatherapy to help you unwind. Then receive an additional 30 Minute Massage with Shea Butter and vitamin E focusing just on your baby bump and legs to target and combat stretch marks. Next you will enjoy our Beach House Signature Facial customized to your prenatal skin care needs. This is the perfect experience before the little one/ones arrive.

2.5 Hours $315.00